150 Beginner Freelance Writing Jobs From Home ($100+!) for Beginners

Published Nov 23, 21
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We’ve compiled a list of nine high-paying jobs you should definitely consider if you love to write. For the purposes of this article, we’re defining a high-paying job as one where the average salary, based on data from the compensation resource Pay, Scale, is above the median salary for all occupations in the U.S.—which, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, was $41,950 as of May 2020.

Some companies want their content marketing managers to hold degrees, but many are more interested in a candidate’s ability to strategize, create, and promote content—so as long as you’re a solid writer and understand the basics of content marketing, there are definitely opportunities to get into the field. Content marketing managers also have the opportunity for upward mobility (and the increased salary that goes with it)—with content marketing directors making an average of $93,400 per year.

Because medical and scientific know-how is a must to succeed, most medical writers have an academic background in biology or other sciences and some have experience in the medical field (for example, as a nurse). However, depending on the role, having impeccable research skills and the ability to understand medical concepts and translate them for the target audience may be enough to get into the field.

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While some companies will require their copywriters to hold a degree, many are primarily concerned with their ability to write copy that drives results. how to be a freelance writer. It should be noted that while the average copywriter demands a solid salary, many companies out there are willing to pay big bucks for results—so if you’re gifted at writing sales copy, you’ll likely be able to demand a higher salary.

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In addition, anyone with Internet access can start a blog and gain writing experience. Some of this writing may lead to paid assignments regardless of education. Writers or authors can come from different backgrounds and experiences. Training Writers and authors typically gain writing experience through on-the-job training. They may practice and work with more experienced writers and editors before their writing is ready for publication.

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Writers and authors must be able to develop interesting plots, characters, or ideas for new stories. Writers and authors must be adept at understanding new concepts that they convey through writing. Writers and authors must have drive and persevere to meet deadlines. Writers, especially those in advertising, must be able to convince others to feel a certain way about a good or service.

Writers and authors must be able to write clearly and effectively to convey feeling and emotion and to communicate with readers.

If you think about it, Amazon isn’t really Amazon without content. Not only do we need to build a massive amount of written content, but we also have to make sure that it’s accurate, appropriate, and informative. So, finding the best content creators and editors is essential to Amazon’s success.

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In order to thrive, freelance writers always need to be discovering new opportunities for writing jobs. That’s why here at Make a Living Writing, we’re dedicated to create new lists of paying markets, every single month. Not content mills or freelancer sites to join, or job ads you ‘apply’ for – and compete with 500 other applicants.

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